Monday, 8 May 2017

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero "Risky Boots DLC" First Look

The developer WayForward Studio revealed to Kickstarter a first look at upcoming 'Risky Boots DLC'. Risky Boots will be receiving her own campaign this summer.

Here’s the full rundown:

You ARRR a Pirate!

Back in 200X, you all funded a stretch goal that enabled us to create an entirely new campaign for the bodacious buccaneer, Risky Boots! Today we’d like to give you a preview of what you’ll be getting when this exciting new campaign launches THIS SUMMER:

A Brand New Adventure!
In this brand new storyline, you’ll play the role of Risky Boots as she travels to the four corners of Sequin Land in search of components needed to deliver destruction on poor Sequin Land. Risky Boots DLC is filled with new puzzles, new enemies, and a new End Boss…. (Any guesses who it might be?).

The Captain’s Cabin!
Risky’s base of operations is her ship’s cabin. From the comfort of her luxurious bathtub, Risky can order around her crewmen and decide where they should travel to next. Players will be able to sail to any of the “Shantae Mode” levels in any order – but the content found within those levels will be radically different this time around! More on that in a moment. For now, enjoy this Captain’s Cabin concept art!

New Moves and Cursed Magic!
If you played Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, you’ll be happy to know that Risky Boots DLC brings back the “Pirate Gear” style of play. Risky will unlock new equipment as she progresses, which includes the Cannon (for multi-jumping), the Pirate Hat (for gliding) and some new gear like the Grappling Hook! If you liked Pirate’s Curse, you’ll feel right at home in this mode!

New Enemies!
Yar, matey – thar be monsters! Yes, Risky Boots will be facing new enemies, too! We’re bringing back some fan-favorites, and we’ll touch on two of them today:

Wetman is back, and he’s gonna defend his watery turf with claws of snipping! A sizable foe that can block attacks and attack with terrifying swiftness!

Batgal returns! Another of our favorite Game Boy combatants is back to whip players into a tizzy! She’s ready to bring the pain, but Risky Boots is no pushover, so Batgal better keep on her toes!

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